Cat Care: What Happens During Routine Checkups

Every cat owner wants their pet to be a healthy and happy animal. If your kitty seems OK, you may be wondering if you need to take them to their next check-up with the vet. After all, if you cat is well, won't it just be a waste of money and time? It is important to remember that even if your cat seems to be in good health, they could still be affected by an underlying health condition. Below is a guide to 3 things a vet will do during a routine check-up to make sure your cat is healthy.

Body Exam

During the checkup, your vet will carry out a full body examination of your cat to check that there are no signs of injury or disease. A vet can often check hard to reach areas such as the ears, which can be affected by mites, and the teeth and gums, which can be damaged by the buildup of plaque. 

The vet will also weigh your cat and compare the reading on the scale with previous recordings. Any changes in weight since your cat's last check-up could indicate a medical problem. For example, sudden weight loss is suggestive of digestive issues, while sudden weight gain could be the result of a glandular condition. A vet will be able to prescribe medication and further treatments to treat your cat.

Parasite Checks

At some point, most cats will have ticks, worms or fleas. The experience can be just as unpleasant for the pet owner as it can be for the cat. Fleas may transmit infections to humans, creating a health risk, while worms can lead to a terrible mess when you cat uses the litter tray.

Fleas and ticks are so small so it can be tough for a pet owner to spot them. Worms are often hidden deep within you cat's digestive system. Your vet will be able to easily spot the signs of these parasites and offer you a range of treatment options, such as medication and topical treatments.

Vaccination Boosters

While you cat should have been fully vaccinated when it was a kitten, it is important to remember that these vaccinations don't last forever. During a regular checkup, your vet will check if your cat requires any booster injections.

If you have any concerns about the health of you cat, you should book an appointment to see a vet today.