Three Practical Reasons to Get Your Dog Desexed

Getting your dog desexed is simple and cost-effective, with many benefits from avoiding certain cancers to reducing unwanted behaviours. However, many people don't know all of the benefits of getting your dog desexed as soon as possible, so this short guide aims to explain three of the most important advantages of dog desexing.

Prevent Certain Health Problems

If you want to reduce your pet's chances of developing certain conditions, you should get them desexed at a young age. Desexing stops male dogs from developing testicular cancer, while females can no longer develop uterine or ovarian cancer, and their chance of developing mammary cancer is much reduced. Some of the other issues that can plague unspayed female dogs include infections of the womb as well as problems like phantom pregnancies and fistulas. For either sex, desexing reduces the risk of unpleasant and potentially life-threatening conditions, while also saving you money on vet bills in the long run.

Avoid Unwanted Pregnancies

The most obvious benefit of dog desexing is to avoid unwanted pregnancies, but it's an important one. If you have a female dog that becomes pregnant, you will have to deal with all the stress that comes with having a litter of puppies, paying various vet bills, and finding homes for puppies. Pregnancy can also have dangers and complications for your pet. If you have a male dog, you may be asked to pay vet bills and contribute to a female dog's care or you might never learn about his new litter — but either way, desexing is essential for males, especially if you intend to let them roam off-lead or interact with female dogs.

Improve Your Dog's Behavior

Many people believe that desexing will make their dog calm down or stop unwanted behaviours, and this is often true. Desexing will stop female dogs from bleeding when they are in season, saving you time and stress, but the behaviour benefits are more obvious in males. If you have issues with your dog desperately wanting to mate, such as your pet wandering off during walks to seek females, desexing is a simple and safe way to solve the issue. It also makes males less territorial and less likely to get into fights, saving you time and money over your dog's life. Finally, it makes them less interested in scent marking, making walks an easier and more pleasant experience for you.

Dog desexing has many benefits and is an easy way to reduce your own stress while boosting your dog's health. If you want more information about animal desexing or want to find out when you can get your dog desexed, speak to your vet.