Compelling Reasons Why You Should Not Put Off Enrolling Your New Dog in Puppy School

If you have never owned an animal before, you may not be prepared for the stark reality of having an untrained animal live with you and your loved ones. Unwanted behaviours such as barking all night, chewing furniture and shoes and unprovoked aggression may make you start to contemplate rehoming the dog, but a better solution would be investing in puppy school. A presumption that some pet owners make about dog training is that it is only necessary for guard dogs but this is not entirely true. This article highlights two compelling reasons why you should not put off enrolling your new dog in puppy school.

Puppy school helps limit the threat of injuries to your dog and humans

A common mistake that some new dog owners make is assuming that simply because their puppy is cute and cuddly, they will automatically be well behaved, but this is rarely the case. And although your animal may not have any malicious intent, their actions could put themselves or other people at risk of harm, and you, as the pet owner, would be liable for medical costs, property damage and so on.

For example, puppies are naturally excitable. If they do not have adequate leash training, they could end up running off, getting hit by a car. Resultantly, you would have a difficult time proving that it was the motorist's fault. Instead, you would be saddled with costly veterinary expenses. Alternatively, if your puppy was to playfully jump onto an adult or a child, scratching and biting them, you could be sued for endangerment. To greatly reduce this risk of injuries to themselves and humans, it is vital to enrol them in puppy school where they learn lifesaving commands that will keep them out of harm's way.

Puppy school helps instil the concept of a schedule in your dog

Simply because you have gotten a new pet in the home does not mean you will automatically get the time off work to help the animal transition to its new surroundings. When you leave your new pet in a cage all day, they will most likely be out of control once you get home, and this can be attributed to pent-up energy, separation anxiety and so on. The less peace you have after a long way, the more likely you will be open to rehoming the dog. To give the animal a chance to acquaint themselves with their new living situation, you should enrol them in puppy school.

What you may be surprised to learn about puppy school is that the training is not merely for releasing pent-up energy. Instead, the dogs also get to undergo kennel training, learn a feeding schedule, understand cues for playtime and walk time, and so much more. Consequently, you will find it much easier to handle your animal even after being away from them for extended periods.

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