3 Reasons You Need a Mobile Veterinary for your Terminally Ill Pet

Australia is the world's pet haven. An astonishing 62% of all Australian households own a pet, making it the country with the highest pet ownership rates in the world. Therefore, pets are considered part of the family, and when they get sick, family members are affected emotionally. This is especially the case if your pet has a debilitating or terminal disease. The trips to and from the vet are long and unending, and it can take a toll on your pet's health. [Read More]

When a Large Dog Breed Visits the Groomer for the First Time

Owners of large dogs have probably heard it all before. Well-meaning people might say something like, "Are you taking your dog for a walk, or is it the other way around?" Or perhaps they might teasingly ask, "Is that a dog, or a horse?" Yes, you know your beloved pooch is large, and you have no doubt grown accustomed to the amount of exercise that such a dog needs, as well as the amount of food your dog consumes and the sometimes astonishingly large piles of mess your dog can leave on the lawn. [Read More]

Typical Vet Surgeries That Your Dog May Need To Have

Being a furry parent means that you have to be dedicated to the wellbeing of your pet for their entire life. And just like children, your furry friend will need to visit a veterinarian on occasion for a myriad of health problems that they could develop. While outpatient treatments are commonplace, you should be aware that your dog might require a vet surgery at some point in their life too. Just as dogs will be vulnerable to some diseases, there are also some ailments that they could develop that will have to be treated through surgery. [Read More]

Please Read these Reasons You Should Adopt a Cat with FIV

When you go to adopt a cat, you might find that one or two have FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus). This virus impacts the immune system by depleting the number of white blood cells. There are plenty of misconceptions surrounding FIV, so these cats are often hard to rehome. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider making one part of the family. FIV is Not Easily Transmissible [Read More]