Your Dog Is Unwilling to Go for a Walk. What Now?

Walks are one of the key reasons why many people get a dog. You can go for a walk with your dog early in the morning or wind down in the sunset. However, when your dog doesn't want to tag along, it's worrying, particularly if they are normally raring to go. Several reasons may be behind the reluctance shown by your dog to go for their normal neighbourhood stroll. Here are some of the potential reasons. [Read More]

How to Keep Your Old Cat Healthy

If you have recently adopted a senior cat from a cat adoption centre and are concerned about keeping your new pet in good health, here are a few tips which may help. Take them for bi-annual health checks Most young and middle-aged cats only need to go to the vet for a check-up once a year. However, due to the fact that cats are more prone to developing diseases as they grow older, senior cats should be examined by a vet once every six months. [Read More]

Visit the Vet: 3 Signs Your Pet Rat is Unwell

Despite their reputation, rats can make fantastic family pets. Their small size and high level of intelligence make them easy to manage and fun to interact with. However, like any pet, rats can develop health problems. Below is a guide to 3 signs your pet rat might be unwell. Head tilting You may notice that your pet rat has started to roll their head to one side repeatedly. Head rolling is a sign of two possible health issues; stroke and ear infection. [Read More]

What Mistakes Can Cause Your Snake to Develop Scale Rot?

One of the most common conditions faced by pet snakes is scale rot, which is more properly referred to as necrotic or ulcerative dermatitis. A bacterial infection, scale rot starts slowly and eventually becomes more pronounced. As the condition develops, it becomes a lot more serious, and snakes that are not treated in time can even die from the condition. As ever, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so make sure you avoid making the following mistakes that can lead to scale rot. [Read More]