Three Practical Reasons to Get Your Dog Desexed

Getting your dog desexed is simple and cost-effective, with many benefits from avoiding certain cancers to reducing unwanted behaviours. However, many people don't know all of the benefits of getting your dog desexed as soon as possible, so this short guide aims to explain three of the most important advantages of dog desexing. Prevent Certain Health Problems If you want to reduce your pet's chances of developing certain conditions, you should get them desexed at a young age. [Read More]

Do You Know the Warning Signs of Gingivitis in Cats?

When your dentist tells you that you have gingivitis, it's a reminder that you perhaps haven't been as vigilant with cleaning your teeth as you should be. But still, as far as dental problems go, it's fairly minor, assuming it's detected in its early stages. Generally, all you need is professional cleaning to reverse the bacteria-induced inflammation of your gums. But what about the other members of your family? Gingivitis is actually a real possibility for cats, but how would you even know if your feline friend is affected? [Read More]

Pregnancy in Dogs: Potential Complications You Need to Know About

It goes without saying that not all pregnancies are necessarily planned. This can also apply to dogs. When your dog develops the telltale signs of pregnancy (nesting behaviour, an enlargement of the mammary glands, weight gain), you'll need to take her to the vet. The pregnancy will be confirmed with a pet ultrasound, and while the impending arrival of puppies might be a surprise, it's important to be aware of complications that can mean that your dog is unable to carry the puppies to term. [Read More]